How to obtain FREE fitness and health advice from experts

Obtaining free information and expertise is something that has become abundant in this day and age.

Our smartphones contain more information than an encyclopaedia or even library… and the good news is that most of it’s for free!

With a surplus of information at hand, the only thing we need to be good at is detecting BS.

I think in general, people have become wise to detecting snake oil salesmen. Online reviews and social media keep everyone well informed.

Speaking with a credible expert will shortcut results, remove common mistakes and save an abundance of time.

That is why I started my podcast a few months ago. It’s an excuse to spend an hour with people that have produced results for decades.

Anyone can have fast results or success, but those that have done it for decades are the people I interview and look to, not just for information, but the habits, reasons and mental approach for results.

One thing that I have learnt from my podcast guests is application! They’re all very successful at learning and applying information.

No point reading books, listening to podcasts and accumulating information without applying.

Application ensures better retention and actual results!

More information doesn’t always translate into better results. To quote Derek Sivers, “If more info were the answer, we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

If we examine ourselves, there are countless things that we do because of habit and comfort that could be altered or optimised for better results.

We all know that regular planned exercise and nutrient dense whole fresh foods are better than Netflix and processed food binges for your health. But application isn’t always perfect when dealing with emotions.

Application is essentially what a lot of coaching professions are based around. If you’re a personal trainer, tennis coach or nutritions. Their job is to educate and MAKE people do things, hold them accountable and alter their perception of what is possible for them all through different methods of communication.

If people have the time and interest to go out and study, make mistakes and find the answers, then they can apply these learnings to get results.

However, in this “time-poor” world, people often want results fast and are happy to pay for an experienced professional to find these answers and to help them apply them.

To quote one of my latest podcast guests Health Williams, “It’s not about spending thousands of dollars on courses, rather connecting with things that you enjoy and surrounding yourself with people that you can learn from.

Finding people that are inspired and love what they can one of the best tips I can give around health but also for life.

Just simply being around these types of people will drag you up to their level of thinking and application!

That is in essence what my podcast is about. Connecting with people that are not only inspired but are successfully at applying what they know.

Not sure if you can tell, but I’m having a lot of fun doing these interviews. Even if I was the only one listening, I’d still be doing them!

In the 14 episodes I have currently recorded, I have picked up so many ideas, tips and trick that have made a huge difference to myself but also for the listeners.

So, if you want FREE advice from the leaders in health, strength, nutrition and mindset, subscribe to my podcast.  iTunes: HERE – Stitcher: HERE – TuneIn: HERE

In saying that, the popularity of the show is expanding each week and receiving positive (and constructive) feedback.

So, if you haven’t checked out my podcast, please do! And if you have any suggested guests, topics or idea, I’d love to hear from you.

Stay Strong,

Coach Adam

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