Marco Corso

Occupation/Position: General Manager, Finance

Company: Australia Post

How long you have been training with Adam: 10 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 2-3 times a week
  • Without Adam: 2-3 times a week

I started training with Adam almost 10 years ago now (2006). Back then, my level of fitness and enthusiasm for training was pretty much non-existent, and the art of the possible and what I could achieve seemed unrealistic.

Adam has been instrumental in improving my overall training techniques, building my strength and changing my overall mindset in helping me focus on my key health priorities. Most importantly, he understands my goals and what is important to me, and tailors my training program accordingly.

Adam’s advice has also been invaluable, particularly around diet and general wellbeing. He has been an excellent coach in helping me understand that fitness and training is only part of the solution, and that diet plays just as an important part in achieving my goals.

What I have enjoyed most of all, is Adam’s easy going, no nonsense and encouraging coaching style. He is always up for a laugh and takes an interest in me as a person. Our early morning training sessions have now become addictive and are a great kick start to my day!

Tony Cross

Occupation/Position: Chief Architect

Company: NBN Co

How long you have been training with Adam: 8 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: Average around 2 times per week
  • Without Adam: None

I have always been a relatively fit person. However over the years my habits and choices had changed and I was not getting any regular exercise. A friend of mine suggested I try a PT and recommended Adam.

Adam spent time understanding what I was trying to achieve and explained how he would approach helping me. His approach to training feels like a friend helping you out with your routine making sure you are performing the actions correctly for your safety and to obtain the exercise benefit. The last thing I need is a “drill sergeant” asking me for just “5 more !” As a consequence, I am stronger and more flexible for the training guidance Adam has given me. I am especially pleased with my core strength which has never been better.

Adam has also spent time ensuring I have a good understanding of nutrition so now I make better choices in what I eat.

More recently we have been sharing our experiences with mental relaxation with Adam explaining his approach and the sorts of tools and apps he has found useful.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Adam to my friends and family – apart from the fact he is a really nice guy, he is a very experienced coach who continues to educate himself in all aspects of healthy living.

Olivia Lee

Occupation/Position: Senior Brand Manager St.Tropez and Group Fitness Instructor

Company: PZ Cussons and various GymsOlivia Lee

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 2 x per week
  • Without Adam: 4 x per week

 I was a Les Mills BodyPump, RPM and GRIT Strength group exercise instructor at the gym that Adam worked at and I was looking to take my fitness to the next level by competing in my first fitness modelling competition in the bikini division. The staff at my local gym recommended Adam to me as an experienced, well-respected, educated and knowledgeable coach with a genuine passion and interest in helping his clients achieve their goals. I started training with Adam in March 2015 and loved the personalised approach and periodised programming that he developed tailored to my busy lifestyle!

As a qualified fitness professional myself, I wanted to learn from someone who was willing and able to spend the time to explain the reasons why I was doing particular exercises or phases of strength training; who would encourage me and help me stay accountable by always checking in with me and taking weekly BioSignature skinfold tests to ensure I was on track for competition success; and who would equip me with all the tools and knowledge to make smart and effective nutrition choices without feeling restricted or deprived. Despite a hectic lifestyle working a full time corporate job and balancing my group exercise classes, Adam always made sure my training was enjoyable and never boring.

Within three months, I dropped from 18% body fat to 11%, was able to increase my strength and muscle mass and competed in my first bikini model fitness competition – the INBA All Female Classic 2015 – where I placed 1st in all 3 divisions that I entered. I couldn’t have achieved this without the fantastic coaching and support from Adam and we are working hard and smart to plan for the competitive season in 2016/17!

Heidi Smith

Occupation/Position: Partner/Interior Designer

Company: Gray Puksand

How long you have been training with Adam: 11 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 2-3 times a week
  • Without Adam: 2-3 times a week

I started training with Adam many years ago, before I knew what fitness could really do for me. I joined his outdoor training group only because my husband was training in the same group. Group training eventually turned into PT sessions at the gym. Really Adam put up with a very inconsistent client who had a vague goal of “being fit”, and who just turned up now and again.

However that all changed a couple of years ago when Adam decided to shake up my sessions and gave me my first ever fitness goal – to squat my own body weight. Lifting heavy weights (well heavy for me) with a definite goal in mind was the mind shift I needed. It took me a few months, but when I did squat 65kgs I was ecstatic. I had suddenly found enjoyment in exercise.

Adam’s approach, I find, is to figure out what makes you tick and use that as the motivation. Even before I was properly committed he knew that all he had to do was give me a range for the reps and I would push through to the higher number every time. Turns out goal setting was the always the key, and Adam already knew that about me.

Two years ago I added walking the Camino, 800km across Spain in 33 days, to my goal list. I had also joined a running club, and it wasn’t long before I had added a half marathon as well.

Adam’s support in making subtle shifts in the focus of my PT sessions, making sure I was doing quality active stretching, and strengthening my glutes resulted in my running improving out of sight.

In seven months I went from barely being able to run 8kms, to running 18kms and holding a conversation for the most part. Apart from turning up once a week to run, I put my improvement down to Adam’s understanding of what a runner needs to fit, flexible and strong.

Adam’s focused guidance set me up for an injury free, and completely motivated Camino, which I then backed up with my first ever half marathon, breaking my 2-hour goal by 6 minutes.

Running is now my exercise of choice, and I have added a full marathon to this year’s goals. Adam’s extensive experience with elite athletes means I have access to the latest athletic knowledge, and contemporary training practices, and he is already setting me up for success for my marathon in November.

I am forever grateful for Adam’s wisdom, calm guidance and never-ending patience. Adam is an excellent PT and I would highly recommend him.

Luc Nitschke

Occupation/Position: Finance Director

Company: Walt Disney

How long you have been training with Adam: 10 Years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: Twice a week
  • Without Adam: 2-3 times a week. 

Not just a PT!

Training with Adam is an important part of my life and all-round wellbeing that I could not do without. Leading a busy corporate life, my time with Adam each week allows me to maintain focus and balance in life with the added advantage of looking and feeling great.

Adam understands my strengths and weaknesses and also my lifestyle which allows us to work together on goals that are perfectly tailored to me. Adam has a unique ability to connect with his clients so they feel completely comfortable in an environment that is fun and safe but at the same time really challenging. I have learnt so much from Adam over the past 10 years about technique, diet and motivation it’s hard to imagine my gym time and lifestyle without it.

Claire Febey

Occupation/Position: Head of Strategy and Growth

Company: Save the Children Australia

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: once a week
  • Without Adam: 4-5 days a week

I started seeing Adam on the recommendation of a good friend and my osteopath. After years of sedentary desk work and a few knocks and bumps along the way, my goal was to address the underlying issues associated with neck, shoulder and knee pain that meant I was heading off to the osteopath or physio every 4-6 weeks.


I’ve always been interested in fitness, but generally stuck to swimming, running or doing yoga,. Before training with Adam I had never done strength training of any kind. Given this, the first few months could have been tough. I was new to the gym, didn’t know what any of the lifts or equipment were called, and I had to work on improving my posture and awareness. Adam was excellent at coaching me through this, and especially good at adjusting my program as he learnt more about my strengths and weaknesses along the way.


In terms of highlights, the first time I did an unassisted pull up was a pretty proud moment, along with moving past my body weight and improving my technique on my major lifts. As well as being satisfying in itself, getting physically stronger has had a major impact on me. I feel more confident at work and walk taller. I also sleep comfortably at night without neck and shoulder pain, and don’t have a regular appointment at the osteopath anymore.


An unexpected benefit of working with Adam has been his advice on my diet. When we met I was a vegetarian of 20 years. I’m now eating meat protein for breakfast every morning and feel sharper and more energetic every day. With some gentle coaching from Adam, I’ve also naturally started to cut back some bad habits. Adam’s suggestions on diet and lifestyle have been unobtrusive and each positive change has felt more like a natural progression than a chore.

I like training with Adam because he is consistent, smart, thoughtful and self-aware. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Grant Chan

Occupation/Position: Front End Web Developer

Company: Reactive/Accenture Digital

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 2 times a week
  • Without Adam: Most likely zero

I’ve been training with Adam since my old trainer stopped working as a PT to pursue different goals (just over 1 year now). Adam came highly recommended by my old trainer and with the assurance that he wouldn’t “break” me. Adam has certainly lived up to that expectation. The transition from old trainer to Adam was smooth and seamless and he hasn’t “broken” me too often.

Since I’ve started with Adam I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He has helped me to adjust my supplements and encouraged & helped me with my diet to bring my diabetes well under control. My focus has now shifted from dropping weight to lowering my body fat percentage.

Adam has always been flexible with my training sessions as my work or traffic conditions have sometimes meant I’ve needed to shift the session from early morning to later in the morning or later in the day. Adam has also worked within the constraints of any injuries I pick up outside of training (from when I started I with extremely tight thoracic, to more recently a little bit of “tennis elbow”). He is easy to chat with and enjoys a laugh and hearing about my many musical theatre adventures.

I would highly recommend Adam as a trainer as he is always learning more as a health/fitness professional to the benefit of his clients, and he tailors the training to individual needs and personality of the client.

Michael Woodbury

Occupation/Position: Partner

Company: Bain & Companytraining Michael Woodbury

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam:  3-4 days per week (except when travelling)
  • Without Adam: 1-2 days per week

I highly recommend Adam to individuals seeking a holistic / balanced approach to their wellness that integrates advice on personal resilience, emotional health, and stress management with technically robust weight and functional training.

In my work with Adam, I have obtained goals not only in strength building, but importantly, in developing better balance, flexibility and posture. Adam’s ability to tailor the overall program to client needs, as well as flex individual training sessions based on what I most need on that day, is greatly valued.Training Michael Woodbury

In the past, some trainers I have worked with have been focused on their own program design. As I work in a highly demanding career with frequent travel, the flexibility Adam demonstrates is instrumental in achieving my goals while maintaining my engagement and excitement for the training regime.

On a personal level, Adam is an exceptional listener, open and kind, and incredibly supportive. My time with Adam is an opportunity not only to advance my physical health goals, but to re-centre myself and regain my perspective. Adam’s suggestions on books and podcasts have significantly changed the direction of my growth and spiritual development, and I am grateful to share my journey of development with him.

Alan Orangi

Occupation/Position: Founder

Company: ASEA ConsultingTraining Alan Orangi

How long you have been training with Adam: 7 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 2 days per week
  • Without Adam: 2 days per week


I have been exercising for the most of my life especially martial arts (Kick Boxing). I started with Adam in order to keep fit and get stronger to help my martial arts training.

Adam always listens to me regarding what I expect from my training in different times. There have been times I wanted to lose weight and Adam gave me tips regarding training and lifestyle and there has been Training Alan Orangia time that I wanted to grow muscle and Adam helped me accordingly. Adam Always comes up with a solution whenever you throw a challenge at him regarding training.

I started training with Adam and after a while my wife, my brother and my father started training with him. He ended up training two generations of our family.

Adam does have a recipe for all, he asses you, listens to you and plan your training program accordingly both with and without himself.

Persa Buchanan

Occupation/Position: Lawyer – Senior Associate

Company: Thomson GeerTraining Persa

How long you have been training with Adam: 6 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 1-2 times / week
  • Without Adam: 2 – 3 times / week


I have been training with Adam for over 6 years, which is a testament to the quality of his personal training skills. I initially started training with Adam to assist with weight loss which has been a great success – Adam recently helped me lose 7kg for my wedding.

More recently, in addition to the weight loss, I have started to appreciate the strength and fitness benefits I have achieved through my training. I surprise myself with the weight I am able to lift and the training exercises I can complete, and although I may complain at the time, I feel a great sense of pride when Adam pushes me to my limit and I successfully complete a difficult exercise – those chin ups are a killer!

In addition to one–on–one training Adam is always available to provide advice regarding nutrition and supplements to assist me in achieving my goals. He is interested in all aspects of my life and takes a holistic approach to my training and nutrition.

I would gladly recommend Adam to anyone who is interested in getting fit, gaining strength and losing weight – in fact I have previously referred Adam to several people who have now also become some of his long standing clients.

Carolyn Phiddian

Occupation/Position: General Manager – Technology Innovation

Company: NBN CoTraining

How long you have been training with Adam: 10 years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 1 per week
  • Without Adam: 1 gym and/or 1 other per week


I started training with Adam when I returned to Melbourne in 2006 after living and working in New Zealand and in England. I started gym training in England due to the limited options (and being past my intense sporting time as a hockey player) and the need to keep fit. In New Zealand the weather was also pretty rugged so I went to Les Mills gym in Wellington and got my first PT there, mainly to help me understand and use the equipment.

So when I started training with Adam I thought I knew what I was in for. Training with a smile Well I didn’t. Training with Adam has been both an education and a delight – well after all my muscles stop hurting that is. I enjoy and look forward to my weekly sessions which have constantly evolved over the years. Adam is a passionate and committed professional who is always seeking to improve his knowledge and ensure that our sessions are challenging and varied. He tailors the sessions according to need and ability and I have a far fitter and stronger body shape than before.

I have and will continue to recommend Adam to anyone who wants to really gain from their personal training sessions as well as enjoy them.

Joel Lovegrove

Occupation/Position: National Workforce Operations Manager

Company: Sensis Pty LtdTraining Joel Lovegrove

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 3 times per week
  • Without Adam: 2-3 times per week

My journey with Adam began quite some time ago, when I decided to move gym back into the city. I have always tended to do some form of personal and/or group training over my years in the gym. I was recommended to Adam by a fellow trainer, and am really glad that he did.

I am a keen sportsman outside of the gym, playing competitive cricket both through summer and winter, as well as other sports casually such as tennis, golf, tenpin bowling and so on. I have also had a knee reconstruction and unfortunately this led to all my cartilage being removed in that knee leading to arthritis.

Adam and his training his been instrumental in allowing me to continue to do the sports I want to do outside of work. Knowing that to continue to be playing cricket as a bowler, Adam has done a fantastic job in tailoring a program on weekly and monthly basis that allows me to condition accordingly and perform at that level that I wish too.

Through the sessions with Adam, he is always helpful in explaining why we do certain exercises and why they are helpful and relevant to my body and program. This then allows me to subsequently create my own sessions when not having a session with Adam. Having this knowledge also helps your motivation to get into the gym when not having a PT session and continue the hard work.

Adam always takes the time to explain and demonstrate each exercise, and creates a fun environment when training. Some of my highlights Joel Lovegrove training with Adam and his training are around setting new PB’s, educating and teaching me new warm up exercise that allow me to get my body moving. Having being taught these I now feel comfortable on creating my own warm up regime for game days.

Personal training with Adam is something I would recommend to anyone, whether it is to condition yourself for a specific sport, or just to improve your all round general fitness. Adam also has a fantastic knowledge of nutrition and is always more than willing to help you in this aspect also.

Whether you are a beginner or not, I would recommend Adam in every aspect, not only will your fitness improve, your knowledge and understanding of exercises will improve. Adam also creates a great environment and dynamic in the session, making it fun and satisfying when you achieve.

Amir Orangi

Occupation/Position: PhD Candidate – Geotechnical Engineering

Company: The University of MelbourneAmir Orangi training

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: Twice per week
  • Without Adam: none!

I have been training with Adam McCubbin, since February 2015 with my brother who has been training with Adam for more than 7 years. Obviously, I have trained before however, training with Adam has given me far better experience and results, due to his skills, wealth of knowledge and most importantly by listening to his clients. I play futsal regularly and he has taken this into account and setting up some of our program accordingly to enhance my performance and my overall fitness. I had a knee surgery 6 months prior to start my training with Adam and I truly believe his attention to small details in strengthening different muscles as well as his professional advice has helped me to get injured less or otherwise Amir Orangi training recover fast from injuries. Furthermore, training with Adam has been of a great help in my education by getting a refreshed mind -by taking the pressure off the mind and put it on the muscles- each time, every time after our training! He always asks me about my diet and gives me advice on what to eat and most importantly when to eat certain foods to get the most of the nutrition.

Other than these, he is a great gentlemen to have conversation and share ideas with on nutrition, sports and books (on self –improvement obviously!), etc. All in all, I hardly want to give our training sessions with Adam a miss!

So, if anyone is looking for a personal trainer to invest some budget in for his/her health, I cannot highly recommend eough anyone rather than Adam. Thank you Adam for a fantastic experience.

Adele Smith

Occupation/Position: Account Director

Company: Actual Size Pty LtdAdele Smith Training

How long you have been training with Adam: 2 years, 10 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: one a week
  • Without Adam: three–four times a week


I was referred to Adam McCubbin after major abdominal surgery in 2013. I started from a low base and with humble goals – rebuild lost muscle tone, improve my posture and move without pain.

Adam progressed my training strategically to rebuild me from the ground up. Not only have I regained my pre-surgery strength, I have surpassed it.

Adam has helped me understand how health, fitness and nutrition are all intrinsically linked. I now eat better, sleep better and train smarter. I have been able to maintain a comfortable weight and achieve fitness goals I thought impossible.

My first bodyweight chin-up was a huge thrill, it felt like a really significant milestone, one that I’d never managed to achieve before.

Bench pressing by own bodyweight and deadlifting 100kg also felt significant.

But there are some intangible qualities that I attribute to training with Adele Smith Training Adam that I value more – mental sharpness, inner calm, resilience and I have developed a deep love of good quality, nutritious food. And no longer calorie count.

Most importantly, I feel good and I like what I see in the mirror.

Adam has a keen eye for detail and is very thorough when training new movement patterns. This has ensured I’ve kept engaged in my training, remained injury free and I’ve progressed.

I’m happy to recommend Adam’s services to anyone who is wanting to reboot their fitness regime.

Prior to Adam, I jogged and did group circuit training. I’ve found weight training far more effective than any other fitness regime, enabling me to develop good muscle tone and maintain a leaner body composition.

Dave McCabe

Occupation/Position: Service Delivery Associate

Company: Fuji Xerox AustraliaDave M Training

How long you have been training with Adam: 3-4 years

Training frequency: 

  • With Adam: 2 times per week
  • Without Adam: At least 3 times per week

When I joined Fitness First QV, I was initially just joining because the gym was above my work. I had no intentions of getting a personal trainer but I received 3 free sessions upon joining the gym.

I enjoyed training with Adam and having someone guide me from exercise to exercise and teaching me the correct lifting technique. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up getting multiple sessions per week for years.

As I mentioned above, one of the biggest things has been the correct lifting technique and posture needed when lifting weights. It’s not really something I had had given a lot of thought to prior to training with Adam but it obviously makes a massive difference in getting results and injury prevention.

 I got into the best shape of my life while training with Adam. I was at one stage having 2-3 sessions per week and found that my body completely transformed and I finally had the shape and toning that I was after.Training

I’ve also received plenty of sound nutritional advice from Adam.

I’ve had some other PTs where you just turn up and go through the motions and go from exercise to exercise. The good thing with Adam is he’s a wealth of knowledge. He’ll explain the correct technique of the exercise and the benefits that the exercise will provide you.

100%. It feels like there are so many PTs out there these days but with Adam you know he’s got the expertise when it comes to teaching techniques, offering detail of why you’re doing the exercises and the improvement and benefits you’re going to get from them.

I’m at a stage now where I need to get back into shape again and have been back training with Adam for the past 4 weeks. There was only one PT that I knew was going to get me the results I was after and so far he has not disappointed.

Nandani Shankar

Occupation/Position: Financial Accountant

Company: GeyerTraining

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: once a week
  • Without Adam: 6 days per week


I originally commenced training with Adam as my old trainer had left. Adam came highly recommended by my old trainer and my sister who used to train with Adam as well. I started with one session per fortnight but found that I was really enjoying my sessions and getting a lot out of it so now I train once a week.

Since training with Adam I have found myself focusing more on reducing my body fat percentage than my body weight. Doing the fat loss measurements made me think about what I was eating and how it was affecting my body measurements. When I started training with Adam my body fat was approximately 28% and now it is down to 22%, which makes such a difference in the way my clothes feel and how I feel health wise.

I have also started enjoying upper body training which I used to avoid if I could when training on my own; I feel that I push myself that extra bit when training with Adam.

Adam has a different style of training in the sense that he is not in your face aggressive, he tends to motivate me in a positive way and he makes the training sessions more fun and challenging at the same time. I also find that as a trainer he takes an interest in getting to know me better and my training sessions are designed to suit me based on Training my strength level. I also find with my diet he never says I must do this or follow a set meal plan; he will make suggestions, a few changes at a time, instead of over whelming me with restrictions on what I can or cannot eat. I find this makes me accountable as well when it comes to planning my meals.

I would definitely recommend Adam as a trainer as he is he takes into account his client’s fitness level and what they want to change or become better at, no one client is generalized or has the same training program.

I feel that he makes it a priority that all his clients get the maximum benefit out of their training sessions and enjoy it at the same time, I know I am often laughing through my workouts because he makes it fun instead of a task that needs to be ticked off for the day.

The addition of Adam’s website –  I find is very interesting, there is a lot of work that Adam puts into writing his articles – these articles address everyday health issues that we do not really think of much sometimes. This clearly shows that Adam loves what he does.

Joel Hasan

Occupation/Position: Network Architect

Company: NBNcoJoel Hasan Training

How long you have been training with Adam: 12 months

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 1-2 Session per week
  • Without Adam: 2 Sessions per week


I have been a member of Fitness First for around 18 months. During the first 6 months, my training was ad hoc at best, only utilising treadmills and elliptical trainers.

To be honest it was boring, and it was easy to find any excuse not to attend.
One of my colleagues recommended I train with Adam who he had been training with him for years.

This was 12 months ago, and I haven’t looked back since. I now train once or twice a week with Adam, including one or two sessions by myself.

Adam has put together training programs for my solo sessions which keep me on-track and focusing on the right type of exercises.Joel Hasan Training

During the past 12 months, Adam has provided me with on-going tips and knowledge about nutrition, muscle groups, different types of training and training recovery

I would definitely recommend joining up with Adam, he takes the time to explain the training with you, and can tailor the program to your individual needs and goals, whether they are muscle building, fitness or weight loss.

My training has been taken to a whole new level, and I am enjoying working out more than ever with the help of Adam

Mark Wayland

Occupation/Position: General Manager

Company: NBNcoMark Wayland training

How long you have been training with Adam: 5years

Training frequency:

  • With Adam: 1-2 Session per week
  • Without Adam: 2 Sessions per week
Training with Adam has been a real life changer for me! I started almost six years ago when I would hit the gym on my own and cycle through bouts of training a month or two here and there… but any disruption to the routine would mean big gaps
Adam’s training regime was great for me to train consistently a couple of times a week on average and I have kept that up for 5+ years now.
I found that his approach was easy to work with and know that I understand all the core movements to do in a session I can train far more effectively when I do it on my ownMark Wayland training
In terms of results the changes in my fitness have been really tangible. I’ve noticed significant improvement in strength and mobility every three to six months.
Adam is a great coach and mentor for my personal health and fitness goals. He is is easy to work with, a great listener, generous with his extensive knowledge and generally fun to hang out with!
I’d recommend anyone to consider training with him… and I have already to many people. Do yourself a favour