Ep 14 Jason Stacy: High performance coaching & being present

Jason is a High Performance Coach, Mentor, Athlete and Educator. He has over 20 years of professional experience in the Allied Health, Fitness and Strength & Conditioning industries.

Jason’s Mindset & Movement Mentorship brings a unique and holistic approach to coaching. His program has developed some of the world’s best athletes and coaches. Many becoming Olympic, World and National Champions in their respective sports/fields.

Jason works in numerous professional sports from Table Tennis to Combat Sports, Gymnastics, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, and even travelling fulltime on the ATP & WTA Pro Tennis Tours for over 10yrs now.

He is known for getting the job done regardless of resources or circumstances.

He brings a unique level of focus, intensity, clarity and even fun to his work. Drawing from many industries and sports, he is often credited with seeing the missing links that most others miss.

Jason’s journey has been an unusual one, starting from his youth.

He was homeless at age 13, alone and living on the streets for almost 3 years. He learned how to survive, no matter how threatening the circumstances. This, he says, helped him develop and trust his “gut” It helped develop an awareness of his own emotions as well as his ability to understand people and the true intentions.

He now uses that resourcefulness and emotional regulation to help his clients break through any limited factors, physically, mentally and emotionally to ensure long term, lasting results are achieved!

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