#39 Charles Barclay: Pivoting to online coaching, Coronavirus & learning

Podcast guest Charles has been in the fitness industry for over 9 years, during that time he has competed in triathlons, CrossFit competitions and taken to the stage in Men’s Physique competitions.
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Movement matters – If it looks ugly, then stop

movement Adam McCubbin

The quality of every movement you do throughout the day and throughout your life, will impact your health for good or for bad, whether you like it or not.

Poorly executed daily movements and exercises will reinforce bad mechanics and movement dysfunction. This might not immediately cause pain or be a significant restriction to the desired outcome, but it’s something that will build up.  Continue reading “Movement matters – If it looks ugly, then stop”

EP 20 Luke Leaman: Learning, teaching and making enemies

Luke Leaman podcast

Luke Leaman is the founder of the company muscle nerds, which is a valuable online resource for coaches and trainers looking to upskill. Which also offers seminars, mentoring amongst many other things.

He is an incredible resource of information pertaining to nutrition, coaching, science and training. I first came across him through the Poliquin group where he was teaching and have followed his work since. Continue reading “EP 20 Luke Leaman: Learning, teaching and making enemies”

Easy-strength: Increase strength without fatigue

Easy-strength ramadan

There is a complete misnomer that in order to get stronger, you need to push yourself to grind out sets and reach fatigue on each training block and this couldn’t be further from the truth with easy-strength.

We often forget (myself included) that strength and strength training is as much as a skill as it is a physical trait… Yes, at some point you need to lift heavy shit to get strong, but the point is you don’t have to be drowning in fatigue to make significant improvements. Continue reading “Easy-strength: Increase strength without fatigue”

How to obtain FREE fitness and health advice from experts

Free Jason Stacy interview Adam McCubbin

Obtaining free information and expertise is something that has become abundant in this day and age.

Our smartphones contain more information than an encyclopaedia or even library… and the good news is that most of it’s for free!

With a surplus of information at hand, the only thing we need to be good at is detecting BS.

I think in general, people have become wise to detecting snake oil salesmen. Online reviews and social media keep everyone well informed.

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How to use your smartphone for strength training

How to use your smartphone for strength training

The quickest way to destroy your training session is to pull out your smartphone after each set and check your emails, social media and text messages.

If you are someone that has busy work deadlines and feel like you MUST be doing work at the same time, you’re being incredibly unproductive on both fronts!

Studies have shown multi-tasking is not only bad for accuracy, but also negatively impacts productivity as well. (1)

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Create a plan B for fitness and health

plan Adam McCubbin

There are countless methods to get you from point A to point B when it comes to your health and fitness.

More diets and training plans are created than people have the time to implement… And the funny thing is, most of these programs (assuming they are credible) work! That is…IF you follow them correctly.

Therin lies the magic! You MUST be able to follow the plan or diet for it to work. Continue reading “Create a plan B for fitness and health”

Setting new standards for movement and strength


With emerging science, nutrition, information and progress over the last 100 years, we all know much more than we used to. Additionally, the average age that people live to has significantly increased.

And that’s great! Power to the people!

However, the smart phone, refined carbs and the time spent sitting on a chair has drastically regressed the ability for people to move properly, be pain-free and have only one chin.

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