A healthy hack for more energy in the morning


Asking if you want more energy is like saying “do you want more money?” I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want more morning energy (or more money for that matter…) I have a simple, inexpensive way to improve your energy levels without ergogenic aids like caffeine and other stimulants. Over the last few years I was someone who abused caffeine and was stuck in the cycle of loading up on it to meet the demands of a rigorous lifestyle. Waking up at 5:15am everyday with 3 shots of espresso, followed by a long black at 10am and a pre-workout stimulant that had enough caffeine to give Keith Richards a high! … Continue reading “A healthy hack for more energy in the morning”

A key factor for success in health, WRITE IT DOWN!


The further down the rabbit hole I have moved with life, education, performance and results for both clients and myself, I realise that data, analytics and the power of the mind create success. Whether it’s for looking good, increasing strength or being successful at a particular task, you need to have a measurable number and an assessment process that can help you determine if you’re moving in the desired direction. Continue reading “A key factor for success in health, WRITE IT DOWN!”

Make fewer decisions for better health


Decisions – With the fast-pace lifestyles we all lead, making as few decisions as possible will help set you up for better health. Making the right food choices or summoning up the willpower to hit the gym can be challenging at times. I will show you in this article how to be more compliant and successful with adhering to a set routine with a very small lifestyle shift. Continue reading “Make fewer decisions for better health”