Create a plan B for fitness and health

There are countless methods to get you from point A to point B when it comes to your health and fitness.

More diets and training plans are created than people have the time to implement… And the funny thing is, most of these programs (assuming they are credible) work! That is…IF you follow them correctly.

Therin lies the magic! You MUST be able to follow the plan or diet for it to work.

Signing up to the gym or buying the healthy food from the supermarket is only half the battle…

You have to actually execute, consume and do the work.

With busy lifestyles, things don’t always go to plan. Work deadlines, kids, traffic etc. can derail even the most committed health and fitness nut.

So, having a plan B is always the best option.

There is a lot of “one-eyed” advice in the fitness/self-help space, that says we must “burn the ships” and leave ourselves no other option.

Glamorous, hard-ass advice makes for great articles and click-bait!

If you plan on living in the real world, having a back up plan will help you stay on track and keep the good habits rolling.

Minimise the down side, just like any sensible investor or successful business person will advise. Asymmetric risk/reward is the key.

There is no perfect answer to what your plan B must be. It’s highly individualised and dependant on your circumstances.

However, a general approach to a plan B might look like the following.

  1. What are fresh, healthy takeaway food choices that allow you to adhere to your nutritional strategies.
  2. Workout options when travelling (non- equipment dependant)
  3. Home workout options
  4. Time poor workouts – Maximum bang for buck training for time
  5. Intermittent fasting when there are enforced poor food choices
  6. Power nap for 20min to offset a poor night’s sleep
  7. Supplement what you might not have access to i.e. quality sources of protein or fresh veggies.

You get the idea! Look for solutions or alternatives.

Don’t just accept limitation or constraints. Plan for the worst case and you will always come out on top.

Stay strong,

Coach Adam

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