Ep18 Tony Fahkry Find Your WHY

This conversation is based around one of Tony’s latest seminars, find your WHY. Tony is one of Melbourne’s leading health coaches and professional speakers.

Tony is a prolific writer with 3 best selling books and a well read blog.

Find your WHY content

If you want to improve your health and fitness and discover your motivation to achieve your health goals, this conversation will answer those questions. Based on a seminar Tony conducted recently.

You will learn why motivation alone doesn’t work and discover the key drivers that influence motivation. The principles are the same ones that Tony and I use to coach clients and present in corporate health seminars.

If you find it difficult to reach your health and fitness goals, you will learn how to find inspiration to succeed and achieve your goals.

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If you missed the first podcast I did with Tony, it can be found here

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Tony’s published books: 

The power to navigate life – See here

Awaken your authentic self – See here

Reconstructing the Past to Create a Remarkable Future – See here

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