EP 5 – Tony Fahkry: public speaking, goal setting & the keto diet

“Minds are like parachutes, they work best when open.” – Tony Fahkry

In this episode, we look at effective methods for goal setting for clients. How to connect with people on an emotional level for enhanced results. The ketogenic diet and who it’s not for, public speaking tip and much more.

Tony is a leading health and self-empowerment expert spanning over ten years as a corporate and keynote speaker and author. His understanding and integra on of Mind-Body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behaviour.

Tony developed a comprehensive health and self-development program The Power to Navigate Life, presented to corporate companies across Australia. The program teaches par cipants how to achieve mental, emo onal and physical well-being using easy to follow principles.

His book which bears the same name, is tes mony to the principles espoused in the program. The book achieved local and interna onal a en on with Dr Eldon Taylor, NY Times Best Selling author wri ng the foreword.

He achieved the highest authorship of Pla num Author for EzineAr cles.com, with over three hundred ar cles. He is the leading contributor in health and self-empowerment for lifestyle related websites including: Thought Catalog, Starts at Sixty, OnMogul, Medium, Scriggler, Niume, LinkedIn Pulse and more. Tony has published ar cles for Australian magazines to include: UltraFit and Women’s Health and Fitness.

He works with several of Australia’s leading CEO’s and corporate execu ves and has a solid understanding and interest in: nutri on, lifestyle wellbeing, mental resilience and mindfulness.

He has published three books on health and self-development, endorsed by leading interna onal authors to include: Dr. Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dennis Merri Jones.

Tony’s published books: 

The power to navigate life – See here

Awaken your authentic self – See here

Reconstructing the Past to Create a Remarkable Future – See here

Books mentioned:

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho – See here 

How to eat move and be healthy By Paul Chek – See here

Connect with Tony:



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