Ep 10 Hayden Wilson: Personal growth, leadership and business

Hayden Wilson is a business coach helping high-performance personal trainers and coaches excel inside their fitness businesses.

He personally coaches some of Australia’s best emerging talent who are rapidly growing, expanding their reach, managing high performing teams and continually levelling up in our industry.

Recently Hayden has written a book that I highly recommend titled “Why what to be great” click here. It can also be purchased through his website listed below.

In 2016, Hayden created and hosted the first official Fitness Business Summit Australia, which brought together speakers and an audience of growth minded personal trainers from 6/7 states in Australia.  After selling out in it’s inaugural year, the event now runs annually and draws industry leaders who both attend and speak from his stage.

He frequently travels internationally to learn from the world’s best and uses this knowledge to build upon his proven techniques and methodologies built from years of dedication to his craft.

He hosts a popular podcast for personal trainers where he has interviewed over 130 world leading experts in our field.

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