#35 Hayden Wilson – inner work, coaching and learning

Hayden Wilson

By popular demand Hayden Wilson is making his second round on the podcast.

Hayden Wilson is a copywriter, marketing consultant, podcaster and author.

His clients include the largest recruiter of health and wellness staff at sea, one of Perth’s fastest growing social media agencies, as well as everyday small business owners from around Australia.

His current mission is to help passionate business owners get ahead in business using the power of marketing, persuasion and influence.

When he isn’t researching or writing, he is either at the gym or at a cafe with his Ridgeback x Kelpie, Basil.

Connect with Hayden Wilson

Websites: http://www.haydenwritesstuff.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/haydenwritesstuff

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/haydenwritesstuff/

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Interview with David Godfrey: binge eating, depression and body image

David Godfrey podcast

David Godfrey is an author, international speaker, peak performance coach, and specialist in emotional and behavioural change.

David has over 15 years experience helping people overcome a variety of conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction. Continue reading “Interview with David Godfrey: binge eating, depression and body image”

Ep 30 Anna Wallenten: Life coaching & rituals for success

Anna wallenten podcast

Anna Wallenten is a Dubai based Peak Performance Expert specializing in maximizing human potential through individually designing custom made action plans according to every clients’ own beliefs, values and visions.

Her belief in human potential has evolved from a mission into an obsession to get her clients to places they always wanted to go but never thought possible. Continue reading “Ep 30 Anna Wallenten: Life coaching & rituals for success”

Ep 29 Jon Sharp: mentoring, learning and all things strength

Jon Sharp podcast

Jon’s coaching career started in 2008 and he has helped transform the bodies & lives of hundreds of people. Working with weight loss, rehabilitative and high-performance clients alike.

In the world of athletic performance Jon has worked with elite athletes in both assisting and head roles across the athletic spectrum.  

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Ep 10 Hayden Wilson: Personal growth, leadership and business

Hayden Wilson - Adam McCubbin Podcast

Hayden Wilson is a business coach helping high-performance personal trainers and coaches excel inside their fitness businesses.

He personally coaches some of Australia’s best emerging talent who are rapidly growing, expanding their reach, managing high performing teams and continually levelling up in our industry.

Recently Hayden has written a book that I highly recommend titled “Why what to be great” click here. It can also be purchased through his website listed below.

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