Ep3 – Nathan Quinn: Courage to think big, developing a winning mindset and peak performance


“Your level of success is directly linked to your level of self-esteem”  – Nathan Quinn

In this episode, we find out what are the common areas that hold people back in their personal and professional lives. How to cut through the bullS#@t and connect with people for coaching and communication. Nathan’s mission to help prevent young men from suicide, plus much more.

Short Bio:

Nathan is an author, high performance coach and innovator. He has developed some of Australia’s leading health and wellness professionals through his leadership roles and high performance coaching. Nathan’s Mindset and Performance Coach program has over 30k subscribers, and in 2011 he was named the winner of the OH&S Awards for his work with Fairfax Media

Books mentioned:

ManHood by Steve Biddulph – See here

Leaders eat last by Simon Sinek – See here

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Ep 2 – Jeremy Gwyer: IV therapy, gut health and fat loss


In episode two Adam digs deep on how Jeremy became one of Dubai’s most sought after trainers. The methods he uses to get someone in great condition, personal habits and routines that keep him in phenomenal shape 12 months of the year.

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Ep 1 – Eloy Rodriguez: Breaking down strength & health


In this very 1st episode Adam finds out the key influences in Eloys success as a strength coach. Nothing but fun talking all things strength, health, books and a love for cheese pasta.

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Breaking Muscle Article – Lift More and Perform Better Using Mental Intention


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