Easy-strength: Increase strength without fatigue

Easy-strength ramadan

There is a complete misnomer that in order to get stronger, you need to push yourself to grind out sets and reach fatigue on each training block and this couldn’t be further from the truth with easy-strength.

We often forget (myself included) that strength and strength training is as much as a skill as it is a physical trait… Yes, at some point you need to lift heavy shit to get strong, but the point is you don’t have to be drowning in fatigue to make significant improvements. Continue reading “Easy-strength: Increase strength without fatigue”

Lessons from Dan John – Little and often over the long haul

Dan John

I was fortunate to interview strength coach royalty Dan John, on the weekend. (iTunesStitcherYouTube)

He’s kinda a big deal, for those that might not have heard of him.

Dan is a pioneer in strength training (inventor of the goblet squat) and athletic development.

With over 5 decades of experience at an elite level and a dry sense of humour second to none (his books and articles are hilarious).

Continue reading “Lessons from Dan John – Little and often over the long haul”