How to keep off that extra weight over the holiday season

weight off Christmas

This time of the year can be problematic for people staying on course with their health or weight loss goals. Being informed and having a plan is the best way to approach the holiday season!

Playing the ignorant card or saying “I’ll start being healthy with the new diet after Christmas or in the New Year,” gives way to mindless uncontrolled behaviours taking you further away from your goals…

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How to holiday without getting fat

Getting in shape and dropping body fat for an impending holiday is a common request that I get from my clients. It is completely understandable as people often are escaping to a warmer climate and will be lounging by the pool in their bikinis or board shorts and want to look their best. My advice is always centred on long-term health and that being in shape should not be a once or twice a year goal. Continue reading “How to holiday without getting fat”