Simple training and nutrition is all you need

The more I read and learn from the leaders in the health and performance space, I find the answers become more simple and effective.

Over complication of training and nutrition is for idiots, internet trolls and marketers.

Complicated gets in the way of doing the things that count.

YES there needs to be some level of individualisation… NO this doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re spending all your time releasing muscles, foam rolling, counting calories and loading up on amino acids, then you need to reassess what type of goals you’re chasing.

There can be some benefits to the above mentioned… But that isn’t the answer to getting stronger, losing weight, increasing muscle mass and optimising body composition.

Move the big rocks!

People get fat from eating donuts and sitting on a chair for too long… Not from a supplement deficiency.

Pinning your results to one mineral or herbal adaptogen is like putting a fly screen in a submarine!

Nutrition in its simplest form:

  1. Eat mostly whole foods
  2. Avoid highly refined processed foods
  3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
  4. Drink water
  5. Adequate servings of quality proteins (g/per kg) – Dependant on goals

Training in its simplest form:

  1. Make it a habit/routine. Consistency over intensity.
  2. Program must contain movements: Squat, hinge (bend), push, pull, loaded carry and/or brace.
  3. Master the technique of the above-mentioned movements.
  4. Either lift more weight or increase the reps/sets of the same weight.
  5. Be physically active and condition aerobically/anaerobically.

No matter what, adhering to extreme training and diet programs can’t be sustained in the long run. You MUST understand that sustainability needs be your priority for long term success.

Yes, you can get in phenomenal shape if you follow the strictest diet, but in my experience prolonged deprivation diets inevitably leads to a rebound effect of binging on bad foods.

The same can be said for training and peaking your physical output. Your body can’t be constantly torched by increasing intensity and volume.

You can have planned periods once or twice a year where you peak. Side note: this is only applicable if you’re an intermediate to advanced lifter and have been training for a while.

Be simple, consistent and effective with your nutrition and training.

Play the long game of incremental improvements and don’t get caught up in all the latest hype!

There have been fit, healthy, strong and lean people for centuries before us. So, don’t think that the latest fad will be the answer to all of your prayers.

Put in the work!

Coach Adam

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