What really makes us fat and lazy

In my line of work, I get to hear funny reasons people haven’t stuck to their plan or healthy habits.

“I had friends stay with us from out of town”
“I have to eat what my wife cooks or she’ll get angry”
“I had to take my kids for pizza, they won’t eat anything else”
“Think I left my gym shoes on the train”

These are actual things people have said to me… I’m not making them up.

For some people these are valid reasons, to put the brakes on and push the waist line out.

Others presented with these obstacles, will find a way to follow and push themselves no matter what.

I have had clients on the other end of the spectrum training with a broken leg, hernias, 37-weeks pregnant and turning down a free glass of Penfold Grange (expensive rare red wine) because it wasn’t on their plan… Even when they were a wine aficionado.

People either find excuses or solutions. (See integral post on this – here)

can or can’t are the options… And there is always a choice, no matter how small or modified it needs to be.

Some decisions (See related article here on decisions fatigue) and options willdecisions be harder to execute. But therein lies the magic of training and/or life. The more resistance, the greater the adaptation/result.

“Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.” – Jerzy Gregorek

If application was easy, then everyone would be ultra-wealthy, famous and have a set of ripped abs.

The difference between those that have long term success with their health and fitness, aren’t because they are more motivated… The truth is motivation comes and goes like the tide. Long term behaviour change comes from values and habits.

This is where eating a certain way isn’t a choice, it’s just our default operating system. “This is how I eat.”

Rather than an 8-week challenge or dieting for a certain date (wedding or planevent), don’t stick. Because it’s not who we are, it hasn’t ingrained into our values and habits.

8 week programs and detoxes are easy to sell, because of little commitment. But what people really need is the 3-decade program, for real results… Need to work out how to market that one though.

With my coaching and online programs, I have evolved the way they work and the steps that I take. I have learnt from the success stories, but also from the people that didn’t do well. Where they might have fallen over and why.

The five areas that I now focus on for creating that longer-term change and habit are 

1. Readiness for change (assessment): this determines if and how the coaching works
2. Educate rather than spoon feed: Giving people the answers is the quickest way to burn out. Teaching people and creating interest gives “buy-in” to the process. Fostering active learning (rather than passive), not only increases retention but it creates reasons for new habits and change.
3. Setting targets linked to personal values and reason: Knowing WHAT we want and WHY we want it is simple but effective.
4. Assessing and acknowledging results: Creates accountability and positive reinforcement.
5. Enjoyment: Trying to make the process fun and enjoyable, even when it is hard. Learning to love the resistance makes the biggest difference.

Yours in strength,

Coach Adam

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