Ep 11 Oliver Thompson: neuro performance and eliminating pain

Oliver is a self confessed geek when it comes to understanding the human body and how to safely hack it to get the quickest results, leading him to study all round the world with leading experts.

Oli has built a reputation internationally for ‘fixing the unfixable,’ with people in pain coming from other countries to see him in person or via Skype. He uses cutting edge Neuroscience to get changes in both performance and pain in lightning fast time. Targeting the brain is the key to lasting health and performance.

Here is the brain prediction optical illusion that Oliver spoke about. Click here. Let me know if you can see the difference.

Explanation on the threat bucket what Oliver spoke about in the interview. See below

Start quote from ZHealth  “Your brain’s main job is to keep you alive so it’s always watching and paying attention to all the inputs that are coming in, trying to decide how threatening these inputs are. Your eyes play a big role in that. If you have a balance disorder, maybe you have a balance issue, you have an inner ear problem, maybe you get motion sick, whatever. That can go into your threat bucket.

Now on top of that, obviously, how you move. When it comes to movement, you have your posture, you have your strength, you have your flexibility, your mobility, your coordination. All of those things are represented in moving.

Now, how you think, your emotional status, your relationships, I’ll just put that in there because everyone likes to bring this one up, in the threat bucket. Relationships, how’re your finances … So as you’re going through your life, your brain’s constantly monitoring all these things. Now, if things are working well in our brain, our brain and body are able to work together to keep our threat levels low.

If our threat levels are low, generally speaking, we have better performance in life, meaning our strength is good. We’re not in pain. We tend to be able to think well cognitively.” End quote – See full article and video here

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