Making a plan for 2018

As the end of 2017 draws to a near, it’s about that time when we must look at what will be ahead for next year.

I’m not suggesting that it’s time to take the foot off the gas in 2017. In fact, the opposite. We all must aim to milk as much out of 2017 as possible.

Switching off and saying “I’ll start the plan or regime in the new year” is the best way to start behind the eight ball.

I always tell clients that best time to start training or eating healthy was yesterday. Procrastinating and waiting for all your stars aligned is only delaying and actually making it harder on yourself in the long run.

One of my all-time favourite quotes is from strength coach Jersy Gregorek “Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life”

Make sacrifices and you’ll reap the rewards next year.

Even when things might not go to plan and something doesn’t work out the way you had envisaged. It gives the chance to learn and be that one step closer to making the right moves next year.

In saying that over the holiday period it’s a time for friends and family, so it’s critical to take a mental break from work and the stressful lifestyle. Treat yourself and let your hair down.

If you are someone that has been blitzing it all year and hitting it out of the park. Then taking that time off from training and having a deload is a great idea.

But if that’s not you then, training will help you offset all the Christmas cheer.

Chances are you might not have access to a gym or your regular methods of exercise, so adapting and keeping it simple will help. See related article “How to Holiday without getting fat” here

Making things complicated and time intensive will be a recipe for no exercise over the holidays.

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Be proactive this year to be better next year!

Stay Strong,

Coach Adam

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