Love is love – Equality and lessons learned

I’m not someone who usually comments and shares my views on political and social issues. However, I felt compelled after yesterday, to share and celebrate the many Australians that can deservedly, be treated as equals.

Australia voted YES for same sex marriage.  

Although this doesn’t directly affect me, I am thrilled for what this means for many of my friends, colleagues and clients. Gender, race, religion, sexual orientation doesn’t determine the character and kindness in your heart.

Here are 4 lessons we can learn from equality—Tying in some of my favourite topics 😉

Lesson 1—Don’t discriminate. If we discriminate then we close ourselves off from learning and growing as individuals or collectively. There are always benefits from learning and gaining a different point of view. For example, if we’re in the low cab (keto) camp (insert one eyed approach), then we tend to read and learn about the negative effects from carbs. Discriminating one person or macronutrient can be a limiting.

Lesson 2—Embrace progress. Often people are threatened by change and progress. What they might have learned in school, at home or in the gym has become outdated and challenges conventional thinking. In the 15th century we used to think smoking was good for our health and used mercury to treat syphilis.

Lesson 3—Equal love. We can’t tell people who they can and can’t love. Some people love a particular exercise or style of workouts because it works for them. Don’t think there is only one way to love, workout or be healthy.

Lesson 4—Choice gives power. What is good for one person might not be the best for someone else. A squat can break one person’s back, whilst it can make another person’s back strong. Having a choice and diversity enables people to gain what they truly need.

Coach Adam

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