Lessons from Dan John – Little and often over the long haul

I was fortunate to interview strength coach royalty Dan John, on the weekend. (iTunesStitcherYouTube)

He’s kinda a big deal, for those that might not have heard of him.

Dan is a pioneer in strength training (inventor of the goblet squat) and athletic development.

With over 5 decades of experience at an elite level and a dry sense of humour second to none (his books and articles are hilarious).

There were many pearls of wisdom in the interview, but the one key take away was summarised in one sentence. No matter what the goal or target is.

“Little and often over the long haul”Dan John

It’s not sexy… But it’s the truth.

Everyone knows if they put 10% of their income away over a long period then they will be set.

Similar for health and fitness, it has a compounding effect.

Super strict diets and training hard for short periods won’t produce meaningful results.

It’s what you do on a daily basis that adds up.

Before you embark on your next diet or program, ask yourself can this be sustainable for the next 10 years?

6-week programs add up to f#@k all the scheme of things.

It’s just a little harder to market and sell the 10-year training package.

Anyway, I encourage you to listen to the interview with Dan John. You won’t be disappointed.

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Stay Strong,

Coach Adam

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2 Replies to “Lessons from Dan John – Little and often over the long haul”

  1. The discussion about the importance of habits, and in particular, how slowly one has to start them to be successful should be repeated often. (Starting with two glasses of water per day is priceless). I read that Dan John once participated in the Precision Nutrition coaching program and it has clearly influenced him. I too believe good habits are essential for consistency over the long term and PN can teach you how to get them. Great interview, thanks.

    1. Absolutely Greg! Completely agree with the idea of starting slowly/small for sustained results. I liken it to what Tim Ferriss says about flossing your teeth. Just setting a goal of flossing one tooth per day, is a small commitment. But once you have the floss in your mouth chances are you will follow through with the rest. Overcoming the initial hurdle and consistency are critical. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

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