Interview with Dean Henry: bone broth, health coaching and lifestyle

Adam sits down with Clean Living Co founder to learn about the health benefits of bone broth, health coaching and much more.

Dean has a natural zest for life and leads by example. He lives a healthy lifestyle that includes meditation, dynamic stretching, hypertrophy, fitness and good sleep practice. He supplements this with a sound understanding of which food and supplements work best for optimum health, energy and cognitive performance. Dean’s enthusiasm in this area led him to cofound The Clean Living Company, now a leading provider of Organic Bone broth in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Connect with Dean

Instagram: henry_thehealthcoach


For a discount on bone broth orders in the UAE use the code 6464 or mention the “6in4 challenge” at the point of purchase for 15% off.

For a discount on an Oura ring (we spoke about in the show): Use the discount code ‘clean10’ for 10% off.

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