EP 22 Heather Pearson: overcoming a car crash, muscles & more

Heather Pearson MSc ST MSMA MART Dip Sp. Psych., Dip APT., is a well-respected Sports Therapist and Strength Coach. In 2001 Heather was involved in a traumatic car crash where she sustained whole body injuries, multiple trapped nerves, headaches and all over dysfunction, and for many years she couldn’t walk properly without pain. After many years of battling with pain, Heather changed industry, became a therapist and trainer and founded 1body4life.

Heather has become renowned for resolving complex injuries with her innovative, self-created systems of diagnosis and rehabilitation, advanced soft tissue skills and Sports Psychology work. Heather has worked with a range of professional athletes including top level lifters, physique competitors, football players and ironman athletes as well as strength coaches and PT’s in the UK and Europe.

Heather teaches biomechanics to personal trainers all over the UK and liaises with Personal Trainers and Coaches all over the world. She teaches ART® (Active Release Provider) to Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Sports Therapists, Physiotherapists, Sport Massage Therapists and Strength Coaches including elite medical staff in the premiership, the most exclusive soccer league in the world.

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Email: heather@1body4life.co.uk

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