A healthy hack for more energy in the morning

Asking if you want more energy is like saying “do you want more money?” I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want more morning energy (or more money for that matter…) I have a simple, inexpensive way to improve your energy levels without ergogenic aids like caffeine and other stimulants. Over the last few years I was someone who abused caffeine and was stuck in the cycle of loading up on it to meet the demands of a rigorous lifestyle. Waking up at 5:15am everyday with 3 shots of espresso, followed by a long black at 10am and a pre-workout stimulant that had enough caffeine to give Keith Richards a high! …Probably overdoing it in my books. The point of realisation that I needed to stop using caffeine was when I started experimenting with energymeditation; I could hear/feel my heart beating and had no ability to sit still.

I’m certainly not against the use of caffeine, as there can be many benefits for performance and health (this will be the topic of a future blog post). However, there is an ideal dose for everyone depending on how they metabolise caffeine. If you experience tremors, heart palpitations, insomnia/restless sleep and anxiety post caffeine consumption like I was, then chances are you would benefit from reducing or ceasing use of caffeine altogether. After I completely cut caffeine out and coffee, I was looking for something to replace my morning ritual. When I listened to a podcast, “Under the Bar”, where they interviewed Wolfgang Unsöld, he was speaking of the benefits of freshly squeezed limes with water and Celtic sea salt. This was the new ritual I was looking for. See link below for podcast episode.

PC users: https://soundcloud.com/under-the-bar/wolfgang-unsold-special-guest-on-episode-29-of-under-the-bar-icon-performance-health-podcast

Apple users: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/under-the-bar/id944832909?mt=2&i=359469596

It was something that I had read and learned about previously from Charles Poliquin but failed to implement myself. After a couple of mornings of trying this, I did notice an improvement in my mental acuity and energy. There is no hard scientific literature out there to support the claims that limes and sea salt improve energy levels (at least not that I’m aware of), however there are several practitioners that have had great results with their clients adopting this ritual, myself included. I’ve even got my grumpy morning wifey onto it and she’s now a whole lot less grumpy!

Directions and qualities for lime, salt & water drink:

  • 300ml water (chilled)
  • 20-30ml fresh lime juiceEnergy
  • Pinch of Celtic or Himalayan sea salt

Reasons why this simple healthy hack works:


Believe it or not lime juice has an alkalising effect on the body. Outside the body lime juice is acidic by nature as all citrus fruits are, however inside the body when the juice has been fully metabolised and minerals are broken down in the bloodstream, the overall effect is alkalising and raises the pH of body tissues. This is important because at night, our pH drops throughout our sleep to absorb nutrients (food, oxygen etc.) and in the morning, pH rises to help with energy production.

Vitamins & Minerals

Limes are great source of B and C vitamins. B vitamins are essential for energy production in your cells and help with the nervous system. Vitamin C supports immune function and is vital for healthy skin, nails, muscles and bones. Side Energynote: both these vitamins are water-soluble and by ingesting them with water, it enhances the bioavailability. Limes also contain vital minerals magnesium, calcium and copper, which is good for bone health, insulin sensitivity and high blood pressure.

Hydration & Trace Minerals

During sleep the body naturally repairs and conducts many chemical reactions that requires water. After sleeping for several hours without ingesting foods or liquids that contain water can leave you in a dehydrated state. Adding a small amount of salt to your morning glass of water can aid better hydration. Plus, there are added benefits of coloured salts (Himalayan or Celtic). There are over 84 trace minerals found in these more specific types of salt, that have many health benefits IF they are lacking from the rest of your diet. You can be at risk of low levels of these trace minerals from low carb diets, a side effect from certain medications and even high volumes of exercise. Having sufficient levels of these trace minerals is shown to help regulate your stress hormones, bone health, skin and immune system function.

Next time you wake up try this simple and cheap health hack! Let me know if it works for you?



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