Ep 12 Christian Maurice: body transformations, intuitive coaching and fat cycling

Christian is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner who has trained everyone from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes.

He’s rehabilitated injured high-level athletes and stunt performers, prepared national, world and Arnold’s Classic Fitness winners and regularly performs drastic Hollywood actor/actress body transformations.

The key to Christian’s success is his ability to combine knowledge from the fields of Medicine, Psychology, Biochemistry and Biology and develop a multifaceted analytical protocol to define a personalized roadmap to wellness.

The ELEMENTAL Body Transformation Program is designed for physical trainers, nutritionists, naturopathic doctors

or any professional who wants to acquire scientifically based skills necessary for providing a healthy and lasting body transformation program to their clients.

The ELEMENTAL Body Transformation clinic is given over a 3-day period at select locations around the world.

The seminar covers 5 core topics including Psychology, Macro Modulation, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Training. See more information on body transformations at here

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