Ep 1 – Eloy Rodriguez: Breaking down strength & health

In this very 1st episode Adam finds out the key influences in Eloys success as a strength coach. Nothing but fun talking all things strength, health, books and a love for cheese pasta.

Short Bio of Eloy Rodrigiuez

Eloy Rodriguez is a Strength & Conditioning coach that specialises in identifying weak links and exploiting weaknesses to turn them into strengths.
This approach has led to him working with International rugby players, Pro MMA fighters, Pro and Semi-Pro Boxers, International medalling BJJ athletes, games level Crossfit athletes, national champion tennis and national level swimming athletes.
Outside of athletes he specialises in working with high stress executives that have been living with chronic pain or long term health issues. Through advanced nutritional coaching he has helped people achieve things they were dreaming of.
Eloy’s philosophy to training developed from a young age where his mindset of never giving up until the job is done attitude was developed in the British Military.
After developing a flourishing career in the FMCG market where he specialised in coaching individuals he transitioned into health and fitness where his success quickly gained traction in the middle east and he successfully coached the first team to make it to the regionals out of Kuwait.
From Kuwait he managed a strength and conditioning facility attached to a leading medical centre which led to him working heavily in the rehabilitation field. From here he moved to the leading PT studio in the middle east where he holds the position of developing coaches.

Books mentioned 

  1. Alan Carr – Easy way to top smoking (click here)
  2. SuperTraining – Yri Verkhoshansky (Click here)
  3. The one Thing – Garry Keller (Click here)
  4. The power of Influence – Robert Cialdini (click here)

Training courses mentioned

  1. BioSignature Modulation (click here)
  2. PICP 1 & 2 (Click here)
  3. Westside Barbell training courses (click here)
  4. Precision Nutrition courses (click here)


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