Food that works for you


There are no shortages of new diets or nutritional experts that can help with your health and body composition goals these days. With expanding science and the ability to self monitor the effects of certain foods or macronutrients on your body, we can now effectively pin point what is going to be best for optimal results. Measuring biomarkers, such as blood work, body fat % and monitoring energy levels can give you factual evidence on what works best and doesn’t work at all for your body.

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An office worker’s guide to reducing inflammation


Office workers today are prime candidates for unnecessary low-grade inflammation in the body, whether they know it or not. This short article will highlight some of the dangers from preventable inflammation and give simple tips for to avoid inflammation altogether. As they say “prevention is better than the cure,” so why wait for it to become a problem? Continue reading “An office worker’s guide to reducing inflammation”

A healthy hack for more energy in the morning


Asking if you want more energy is like saying “do you want more money?” I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want more morning energy (or more money for that matter…) I have a simple, inexpensive way to improve your energy levels without ergogenic aids like caffeine and other stimulants. Over the last few years I was someone who abused caffeine and was stuck in the cycle of loading up on it to meet the demands of a rigorous lifestyle. Waking up at 5:15am everyday with 3 shots of espresso, followed by a long black at 10am and a pre-workout stimulant that had enough caffeine to give Keith Richards a high! … Continue reading “A healthy hack for more energy in the morning”