How to set fitness and health goals effectively


The notion of setting goals can conjure up both positive and negative associations depending on past experiences or how necessary we think they are. Some people who are anti self-help can avoid them altogether because of this very association. But there is no way around improvement and achievement without defining WHAT it is we’re aiming to improve. Continue reading “How to set fitness and health goals effectively”

Putting in work

work - Adam McCubbin

It all comes down to putting in the work. Everyone wants the next new diet, training program or supplement that is going to promise him or her those elusive goals that they are after. Whether it’s the bikini body, super human strength or those washboard abs, it makes no difference – just do the work.

Getting technical and employing the latest methods all still have one fundamental principle… that is application i.e. doing the work. Continue reading “Putting in work”

Get ready for a photo shoot and overcome limiting beliefs


In this article I’m going to share with you my personal experiences with applying stressors and restrictions with an end goal in mind. The two specific examples are getting my body ready for a photo shoot and overcoming some limiting beliefs that held me back in my own self-development. I will outline some of the struggles and complexities of the process. Plus before and after photos shown at the end of the article. Continue reading “Get ready for a photo shoot and overcome limiting beliefs”

The mental approach for successful training


Mindset – See article “The Mental Approach For Successful Training” here 

Before you spend all your hard earned cash, make sure you have the right mental approach, to ensure that you will follow through with it. There is nothing more cliché than buying a stationary bike to collect dust or a gym membership that never gets used. Studies have shown that up to 67% of gym memberships rarely get used at all. Which means the odds are stacked against you even making it to the gym, let alone being successful in your training goals!

Continue reading “The mental approach for successful training”