Breaking Muscle Article – Training More Isn’t Always the Answer

Breaking muscle article 

“If you want impressive results, there is no secret formula.”

The key is to take massive action in the direction of improvement. Everyone knows that sitting on the couch will only grow your belly and soften your butt. The more time you spend sitting and eating in an energy surplus will inevitably add to your weight and put you at risk of losing muscle.”

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If we think about the opposite of this scenario, then we should have the opposite results, right? Hitting the gym, being active, and having better food choices should push us in the direction of a healthy body. The notion is that if we train more, we should see more results—but that isn’t always the case. More training isn’t always better. Let me explain.

The Way Overload Works

Progressive overload—the gradual increase in volume, intensity, frequency, or time to achieve the targeted goal of the user—is essentially how we gain results in the gym, as is the case with any type of training.


This means that when we push ourselves to a new limit, our body adapts to the new stress (stimulus). If we keep doing the same things, then we can expect the same results, thus we need training programs to increase in difficulty in order to see improvement.


Pushing the envelope will help you move in the direction of improvement. However, there is a law of diminishing returns that must be factored in and for everyone to be aware of. There are limitations that our genetics will impose on us whether we like it or not.

There are new age philosophers that will tell you that if you can see it in your mind then you can achieve it. Well, give those tarot card readers my number because I have been picturing myself playing in the NBA for the last three decades.

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