Taking your health to the next level

The one thing I love about training and health is there is NEVER a finish line… Unless you croak¬†it ūü§™

Yes, you might improve or hit a goal or a target‚Ķ But there is always “What’s¬†next?!”¬†Often, it’s an innate natural progress and other times you might need a gentle push.

When you finally get that first body weight chin up, you don’t pack your bags and say “I’m done”… It opens¬†for new possibilities and desires for another rep or target.

That is why when I’m coaching someone I will find a specific goal or target that can be achieved in a¬†short timeline. Side note, I don’t make it easy at all. I make sure, it‚Äôs a¬†stretch and something they didn’t think was¬†possible.

This does three things: 
1. Creates more confidence and self-belief in their abilities 
2. Gives “buy-in” to the program¬†(helps with behaviour change)¬†
3. Unfolds new targets and awareness 

Having an early win when implementing a new training program or nutritional strategy is critical for long-term compliance.

Anyone who puts¬†in effort, is looking for a result… And if there isn’t a perceived improvement, then chances are the desire to push and work harder won’t be there.

If you have read some of my articles on goal setting, then you’ll know I’m not a fan of setting¬†all your targets and goals to a perceived¬†“realistic” standard.

Being “realistic” isn’t inspiring!

I’m not telling you to set goals of growing¬†wings and flying around the room. However, you¬†must¬†stretch¬†yourself with new possibilities and outcomes¬†you might not have achieved before.

The¬†first day you went to school,¬†most likely you didn’t¬†know how to do algebra or even knew what it was‚Ķ It’s only after learning and exposure to new things¬†you¬†see how things can be taken to the next level.

It’s the¬†same principle with your health and fitness.

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”Martin Luther King¬†

It’s time to level up!

Stay Strong,

Coach Adam

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