Keep youthful with 5 basic daily movements

Adam McCubbin movements

Believe it or not, basic movements done on a daily basis and done well, will keep you younger for longer!

You might have heard trainers or coaches refer to weight training as the ultimate fountain of youth…

And in part, they’re right!

However, just doing weights without grasping the essence of movement can be a limiting factor and actually prematurely age your body.

Connective tissues, muscles and posture can regress if you don’t connect all the dots.

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Create a plan B for fitness and health

plan Adam McCubbin

There are countless methods to get you from point A to point B when it comes to your health and fitness.

More diets and training plans are created than people have the time to implement… And the funny thing is, most of these programs (assuming they are credible) work! That is…IF you follow them correctly.

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What is the ketogenic diet? Burning fat instead of sugar


In this 2 part article I will firstly explain what a ketogenic diet is and then share my personal story of what lead me to this diet and how it could help people prevent disease and maintain better health for many people. Don’t think for a minute that I’m blindly recommending this diet for everyone, as it’s most certainly not. I’ll explain why later in this article. Continue reading “What is the ketogenic diet? Burning fat instead of sugar”